Saint Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church

Supper Service

Sunday, September 11, 2016 @ 05:00 PM

On the 2nd Sunday of every month, children, teens, and adults gather to share a simple service and potluck meal from 5-6:30 PM.

Real prayers
Real food
Real people

What is it?
St. Gregory’s monthly Supper Service is a place where people of all ages come to experience community, explore spiritual practice, and encounter the sacred with other children, teens, and adults.  Even very young children can participate fully in the liturgy as we engage all our senses, pray with our whole bodies, share stories and sing music together by ear. 

What do I bring?
Help us create a meal by bringing a main dish, side dish, salad, dessert, or beverage to share. (You can help care for the earth by bringing your reusable place setting, too!) Can’t bring anything?  Just bring yourself, and be our guest!

How can I be involved?
At St. Gregory’s we make church together.  Visitors and members, children and adults: everyone can play a part!  Come at 4PM to help set up, bake communion bread, or shadow a liturgical leader as we get ready for the service.


Learn more here.

Join an ongoing conversation about our Supper Service scripture stories here.

The service continues....

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