Saint Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church

Clergy & Lay Leaders

Staff Members

Paul Fromberg, Rector, is a preacher, teacher, liturgist and artist. He has a degree in family and marriage counseling and has worked in Episcopal churches in Texas and California since 1987.  You can see Paul talk about mission here.

Sanford Dole, Music Director, is a composer and singer, and the director of the Sanford Dole Ensemble. He was a founding member of the male vocal ensemble Chanticleer.

Sara Miles, Director of Ministry, is the founder of The Food Pantry and the author of Jesus Freak: Feeding Healing Raising the Dead and Take This Bread: A Radical Conversion

Kerri Meyer, Interim Youth and Family Minister, is a student at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. Her ministry with St. Gregory’s began in July 2015, and will continue until we have hired our next assistant rector.

Sherri Lynn Wood, Office Administrator, is an artist whose work focuses on community spirituality.

Vestry Members

I’m Mark Pritchard, and I am the Inward-Looking Co-convener. The ILC acts as the Chief Operating Officer of the parish, reviewing business practices to make sure we are working in a clear and transparent way. I also coordinate with other members of the Vestry on finance and fundraising, building and grounds projects, and the office. The ILC also has responsibilities for ongoing activities that engage members in meaningful ways, such as Fellowship Groups and Retreat organizers.

I want to invite people to join me in work that makes St. Gregory’s a place people keep coming back to because it fills a need in their lives and, as our rector says, “makes more of you.” Most people in a congregation our size will identify primarily with a small group of some kind - Choir, Engineers of Beauty, Youth Programs. Our challenge and our work is to identify the needs of our members, and to develop ways to meet those needs.  .

Hi, I am Susan Sutton and I am the Outward-Looking Co-convener. Like the Inward-Looking Co-convener, my role has two main functions. The OLC acts as the liaison between the neighborhood and the rector. I am actively working on creating new relationships outside the church walls.

I stay in communication with the Diocese of California. I have relationships with the Potrero Hill Posse, a group comprised of church members and prospective members living in our neighborhood – Potrero Hill. I also work with community organizers through the Industrial Areas Foundation and the South of Market Area Ministry group.

I am working to build more relationships with community groups in our neighborhood. If you would like to find out more about these groups, forming relationships with other churches, community organizers or service providers please .

This position is currently vacant.

I’m Jen Blecha. As the Sacred Space Commissioner, I help coordinate a number of volunteer efforts around our buildings and grounds as well as consult with the rest of the Vestry, our rector, and our parish administrator on repair, maintenance, and capital improvements. I work with the Engineers of Beauty group. I consider my primary responsibility, like any Vestry commissioner’s, to be communication—getting people the information they need to pursue their interests around our gardens, our art exhibits, our neighborhood, and special events like the Stations of the Cross devotional mini-pilgrimage.

If you are interested in hearing more details about what’s going on or have some project you want to work on, even if you’re only just beginning to think about it, please , and join our Ning group, Engineers of Beauty.

Hi I’m Bridget McShea and I’m the Membership Commissioner. In short, that means that I work to bring people into Saint Gregory’s and help them to become active members of our community.  This begins with ensuring newcomers have a good experience when they visit our church on a Sunday. This also entails providing support to the coffee hour crew to ensure that they can make it as easy as possible for our guests to feel welcome after the service. Finally, if someone signs the guest book, I help make sure they get a note from us thanking them for visiting and inviting them back.

As people decide to become more involved at Saint Gregory’s, I ensure that they have sufficient information about sharing their life and work here. This includes both our membership packet (which contains our membership agreement, pledge sheet, etc.) and making sure that they get connected with other people in our congregation who can help them become more involved. And finally, if someone wishes to become a member, I help coordinate their paperwork and schedule their introduction to the congregation on a Sunday.

In a way, we’re all involved in all of the tasks I mentioned. But I would invite anyone who enjoys the specific regular tasks of welcoming, hospitality, working with new members and note writing to talk to me about helping out. I’d also love to hear from you in general about what else you think we can do to help newcomers feel welcome, keep coming back, and get involved in our community.  .

I am Francie Kendall, and I am serving as Strategic Presence Commissioner. I am responsible for communicating about Saint Gregory’s to the community at large. My special project right now is to seed Saint Gregory’s presence in electronic media (Twitter, Facebook) so that people know who we are and what we’re doing. I am recruiting volunteers to be the face of Saint Gregory’s on Twitter and Facebook.

I need help to carry out this mission: Using 21st Century media, we want to accurately portray a vibrant and relevant Christian community. We are an important source for people seeking God, fellowship, service, information and meaning.  Please to discuss how to expand our online presence.

Hi!  I’m Amy Baker, as your finance commissioner my job is to provide oversight, advice and input to St. Gregory’s annual budget process and monitor expenses and revenue throughout the year.  In short, I’m the interface between the vestry and the finances of the church.  An important part of this work is coordination of stewardship and fundraising. 

Going forward, I’m excited about the potential for increased engagement of the St. Gregory’s community in the financial life of the church.  Many ideas are bubbling up, and I’d like to tap into your ideas, energy, talent, and engagement to continue to build the spiritual life we share together.  .

I’m Greg Cleaver. I am the secretary.  I record vestry meetings as well as keep parish records and certify parish reports.  If you have questions, .

I’m Leesy Taggart. As the Treasurer I work closely with the vestry and the staff. I am responsible for the management of our income and expenses.  I prepare the annual parish report and provides reports to membership and to vestry. with any questions about church finances, donations, and giving.

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